Gene Rosellini

Nina Jackson


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Rosellini had a natural talent in academics. He carried a perfect 4.0 grade point average throughout high school and college. He never received a degree, because he saw no point in it; he studied for the sake of learning.


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Gene Rosellini and Chris had much in common when it came to having an adventurous spirit. After college, in 1977, he decided to do an anthropological experiment. Gene was a man who believed he could live off the grid in Cordova, that he could live a life without any modern aspects to it such as technology. He ran the experiment for about 30 years. Later, he realized it was impossible, and decided to re-evaluate his goals.

Tragic Death

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Out of complete shock, Rosellini was found facedown on his shack floor with a knife through his heart, which was determined as suicide in November of 1991.